To write about anything

My students in advanced English methods are writing now with the prompt: “Write about anything you want.” It seems so easy, and yet, in my opinion, writing about anything is truly the hardest task for any writer. There are so many ideas that flood the unfettered mind. How does one give space to all of them or one long enou to fully develop?

I decided that today I would give myself the opportunity to also write. I am currently exploring the concept of balance in my life. I became very ill the past few weeks. I realized just a few days ago that I have not been following the advise that I dispense: “To give oneself time to breathe, think, grow and generally release the stress because one cannot give what one does not have.” As a teacher this is a hard challenge to take on. We are programmed to nurture others. Our creative energy is tapped in the creation of dynamic and engaging lesson plans. Our compassion is tapped in conversation with students and colleagues and peers. Our minds and bodies are pushed to the edge as we perform the acts of teaching (minds in the academic concerns, especially differentiating instruction and bodies just during the day. How many teachers find themselves taking a bathroom break at the end of the day, because they were too busy to go during the school ? Balance for me means that some things will get done in the morning, that I am no longer booking myself through the school year, or rather, very rarely. I am also balancing the professional with personal. I am learning and it is a continual, never ending lesson. This, too, in my opinion, is part of the journey of a teacher.

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