Tasks revisited

A few days ago I developed a daunting list of tasks meant to be accomplished this summer. Here’s where I stand:


  • Read for the article on bullying: Read 10 articles, received summaries from my writing partner, coded the data, ran a few analyses. I’m ready to do the writing.
  • Write the autoethnography article on a professor’s first year: I finished a solid first draft yesterday using descriptive statistics based on an analysis of a calendar. Kind of nifty. I’m having it proofread right now.
  • Submit a university support grant proposal for the workshop at NCTE (Digital Storytelling in November): I submitted this on Monday.
  • Work with my colleague to develop the agendas and take away materials for the Digital storytelling workshop: I developed a rudimentary agenda but I have received no feedback from my colleague. I am beginning to think that I may be leading this workshop alone, which is a bit frightening.


  • Write three more chapters to my novel: Today, maybe.
  • Write an article on some strategies to use the iPad in the secondary classroom: Today, I’ll be working on this.


  • Write at least 20 new poems: I wrote 1 poem, but I am headed to CantoMundo tomorrow, so I fully intend to be close to completion of this task by Sunday, if only in writing workable drafts.
  • Review submissions for The Acentos Review: I plan on doing this while at CantoMundo, although I will be accepting submissions from CantoMundo participants until July 22. I am considering doing an issue in the new year that spotlights participants in Latino workshops (Acentos, CantoMundo, Macondo, etc) and recipients of awards. Still considering it, though? Once a board is formed, it would be a proposal that could be brought to the board.
  • Submit two proposals to AERA. (July 23 deadline): I haven’t even begun the proposals. This may be an enterprise for the airport tomorrow.


  • Write the articles of incorporation and bylaws for The Acentos Review nonprofit status submission: I started this a few days ago, but I’m waiting until I back to Uniontown next week to write a working draft. I’m planning to send this out to those who expressed interest in serving on the board by August 1.
  • Refine the article, “Women of Service: Letters between a mother and daughter working in the academy” for submission: Uniontown project.
  • Write a book proposal on secondary lessons using the iPad: Uniontown project
  • Write a book proposal stemming from the aforementioned article: Uniontown project
  • Contact my colleagues at the local Catholic schools to craft our workshops together in teaching with technology: I’ll be doing this next week.


  • Submit at least 10 poems to journals: I’m planning on doing this in two weeks. I have more than enough work with me to submit. It’s just a matter of finding a desktop computer to do it … well a desktop computer that won’t frustrate me with its lack of speed.
  • Research institutional grants for River of Words: I’ll be doing this when I get back to Philadelphia in two weeks.


  • Write the article: “A professor’s PACT”: All of my files are at St. Mary’s. I made an attempt to transfer into PDF form over 500 pages of files … but only about 20 pages made it. Needless to say, I will have to go back to California to work on this.
  • Submit a Faculty Technology Group Proposal for 5 iPads for use with pre-service and in-service teachers

Conference/Workshop list for 2012-2013: Asilomar (September – D – $500 – PRESENTER), Center for Digital Storytelling (October – C – $900 – WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT), Dodge Poetry Festival (October – Personal – $500 – VIEWER. This conference may be cut), NCTE (November – C – $1000 – PRESENTER), AWP (February/March – D and C – $1000 – Attendance only if I am a PRESENTER), AERA (March/April – D – $500 – attendance only some days if not a PRESENTER), Framingham University in Naples (June and August – Personal – $4000)


This year I will be applying for departmental and college support to attend 6 conferences/workshops (possibly less) throughout the academic year, attempting to receive between $2400 and $3900 in institutional funding. I may add a 7th conference if I receive CATE funding. I would attend that conference in the Spring for the next two years. It’s already looking to be an active year.



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