Some tasks this summer and fall

In the past few weeks, I have done a great deal of reading, especially in preparation for and while attending the International Association of Lasallian Universities conference in Rome. I recently started doing some more reading to help to support my work on bullying. The articles that will come out of this reading will be done collaboratively with a student who is interested in the topic. Today I also finished the IRB submission for a study on iPad usage/teacher perception, ability and adaptability with ed tech.

Upcoming tasks for this summer and fall:

  • Write at least 20 new poems.
  • Read for the article on bullying.
  • Write the articles of incorporation and bylaws for The Acentos Review nonprofit status submission
  • Review submissions for The Acentos Review.
  • Refine the article, “Women of Service: Letters between a mother and daughter working in the academy” for submission.
  • Write a book proposal on secondary lessons using the iPad.
  • Write a book proposal stemming from the aforementioned article.
  • Write three more chapters to my novel.
  • Write the autoethnography article on a professor’s first year.
  • Write the article: “A professor’s PACT”
  • Write an article on some strategies to use the iPad in the secondary classroom.
  • Research institutional grants for River of Words.
  • Submit at least 10 poems to journals.
  • Submit a university support grant proposal for the workshop at NCTE (Digital Storytelling in November).
  • Work with my colleague to develop the agendas and take away materials for the Digital storytelling workshop
  • Submit two proposals to AERA. (July 23 deadline)
  • Contact my colleagues at the local Catholic schools to craft our workshops together in teaching with technology.
  • Prepare an application for Macondo, Sacatar, Amy Lowell and Yaddo for next year.
  • Apply to maintain my California state certification in English.
  • Plan to attend Dodge Poetry Fest and ACTFL.
  • Take one dance class a week and exercise at least 2 other times a week.
  • Go gluten-free.
  • Plan my Christmas holiday for a visit outside of the country.
  • Plan a visit every four months to see my godchildren.

This is an exhausting list when fully written out. I gave myself June to be passive on my task list in order to give myself some time to rest and relax before beginning the hard work of the coming year. I have learned, though, that it is very important for me to make sure to plan two days off a week and to have at least two nights a week in addition to that when I am not working excessively. If my schedule goes according to plan. I will work late on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, but have Tuesdays and Fridays for myself in the evenings in addition to my weekends generally. We will see how all these tasks go!



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