Today, I woke up late to the feel of a cord around my neck. I had fallen asleep to Comedy Central Presents as always. It helps me sleep to hear lots of laughter. I like to fall asleep giggling and wake up that way, too. This, I know, is strange, but in new places or places with random noise, I need that constant to sleep.
I woke up late, and then began the days work. I got about 5 pages or so in to the Form A document, that necessary to submit for tenure. I wrote the introduction and a bit about my thoughts on knowledge and teaching as well as an accounting of my reflection process. I also mapped out those sections where I need to include specific examples. I think I could knock this out in about a month, considering my commitment to teaching.
I also made several attempts at getting into an article on educational technology. I finally found a tack upon which to hang the rest of the article. It took most of the day to get there, but at least the first page is written. I need to get my lesson plan from a particular educational technology session and then include that before writing an evaluation of the effectiveness and reflection. Should be easy to bang out.
I reviewed an article that I had started, one on teacher identity and fear. I didn’t get into it, but I have an idea of where I am going. It’s one that I think I’m going to have to tackle in April when I have my spring break and closer to the end of the semester when I have a better handle on my full year’s experience as a new professor.
I evaluated websites and started thinking about how to change mine. I think this rendition will be much simpler in look but include some layering effects.
I did some filming of interesting tidbits in nature for a compendium of video files that I’m starting. I still have to figure out where I am going to house them (work computer or home computer). I just think that they will come in handy down the line when doing some countertexts for different texts in my Teaching and Learning II class.
I went to a gallery showing at the Hess Winery (remarkable) as well as a tasting. Became a wine club member, which was exciting. Planning on coming up to Hess every 3 months, which would be just the right amount of time, if I can manage staying up here at the Retreat Center as well. Maybe I can make this a quarterly trip to get some writing done.
Let’s see. Came back and, after dinner, played some games, then worked on that ed tech article.
I just wish that I had been able to do more creative work other than the plays. But I suppose that I am just prepared to deal in dialogue and stage directions. Can’t work beyond the veil with so much happening on this side.
I have definitely enjoyed meeting all of these fantastic folk. I wish that I could stay longer.
Early this week, I have to work on the website for The Acentos Review. I’ve already sent out the acceptances and rejections. Such strong work this time.

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