The travel schedule

I often get the itch to move to new locales. There’s still so much more to see, but soon enough, I have this urge to go someplace else. I’ve started to get that here in Germany, so here is my remedy: to see the world with a home to go back to.
If you are up for traveling along, drop me a line and join the adventure!

17 Bamberg
24 Grafenwohr and Bamberg
31 Munich for the Russian Ballet

6 Bamberg and a day trip
13 Croatia
20 Dublin
27 Istanbul

4 Denmark for a wedding
11 La Boheme in Berlin
18 Rothenberg for the largest Christmas market in Germany with my mom
25 Christmas in Egypt

1 Egypt
8 Bamberg
15 Valencia with a group of students
22 Bamberg
29 Vienna for a ball

5 Bamberg
12 Warsaw
19 Defense in North Carolina
26 Bamberg

5 Marseilles
12 Bamberg
19 Dublin
26 Bamberg

1 Bamberg
8 London or NYC
15 NYC with readings and the Acentos Foundation conference
22 Bamberg
29 Bamberg

7 Athens
14 Bamberg with the prom
21 Bamberg
28 Jamaica for Calabash

Now some of these may not happen. Some other things may take their place, but this is the plan up to the beginning of the summer.

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