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1.        “Toward the Myth Within” Workshop. The Sanctuary. Arcata, CA. March 4, 2017.

The myth within:  In this workshop, we will draw from the myths that are rooted within our bones, those stories that sing out through the ages, and reimagine them through writing.  This is the workshop where we will use words to bring the ethereal to life.  

2.      “Say her name!”:  Writing the poetry of witness. Temescal Art Center, 511 48th Street, Oakland, CA. May 13, 2017. 1:30-4:30pm.

In this free workshop, poets will study the poetic work of Aracelis Girmay, Patricia Smith, and Danez Smith as a way of tracing the trembling thread that these poets leave us through the intense witnessing of pain to human connection, creative response, and action.  You will also read the news and be guided in the spiritual and humanizing practice necessary to write poetry of witness.  At the end of the workshop, those who are ready, will be encouraged to record and submit their poems to Black Poets Speak Out or Voluble.



1.        “Towards Cultural Humility”, Teacher Leadership Program Lcture/Workshop in MA. Saint Mary’s College of California, Moraga, CA. June 18, 2016.

2.        “‘Bear No False Witness:  On Critical Literacy, Fear, and Social Change”. EdTalk. California Teacher’s Summit. Saint Mary’s College of California, Moraga, CA. July 29, 2016.

3.        “Radical Publishing:  Empowering Youth Voices”.  Curriculum Study Commission.  Pacific Grove, CA. October 7-9, 2016. 

4.      “Toward the Myth Within” Workshop.  Working Artist Studios.  Skibbereen, Ireland.  November 25, 2016.




4.        What Counselors Need to Know About Teaching?”. The California Association of School Counselors, Inc. Stanford University. Palo Alto, CA. April 18, 2015.

5.        Cultural Competency Workshop for Teacher Leaders. Masters of Arts in Teacher Leadership Program. Saint Mary’s College of California. CA. June 13, 2015.

6.        “At Stake is Nothing Less than Our Lives:  Teaching About Race” 3-Day Workshop. Asilomar Conference. Curriculum Study Commission. Pacific Grove, CA. October 10-12, 2015.

7.        “Session on Educational Technology Tools”, California Council on Teacher Education Conference. Technology Special Interest Group. San Diego, CA. October 25, 2015.



8.        “The African American Conjure Woman:  Bridging the Divide in the Health Disparities Discussion”. American Society on Aging Conference. San Diego, CA. March 13, 2014.

9.        “Critical Race Theory and the Cultivation, Mentorship, and Retention of Black Faculty”. American Educational Research Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA. April 4, 2014.



10.     “21st Century Metamorphoses:  Towards a Transformational Pedagogy Using Educational Technology.” Saturday Seminar Series. St. Mary’s College of California, Moraga, CA. April 6, 2013.

11.      “Educational Perspectives”.  Lasallian Educator Symposium. St. Mary’s College of California. Moraga, CA. April 25, 2013.

12.      Symposium on Poverty, St. Mary’s College of California, Moraga, CA. Soda Center. April 25, 2013.

13.     “Teaching pre-service teachers About Bullying Using the Fictional Case Study of Glee”. American Educational Research Association. San Francisco, CA. April 27 – May 1, 2013.

14.     “Educational Technology, English Language Acquisition and Storytelling. Vandu Paaru Service. Sri Lanka. June 24- July 12, 2013.

15.       “iPad in Education”. Asilomar Practicum. Pacific Grove, CA. October 2013.



16.      “Department Consultation on Specific Uses of the iPad”. TE(A)CH:  Teaching with Technology Workshop. Salesian High School. Richmond, CA. April 16, 2012.

17.        “21st Century Skills and Educational Technology:  An Introduction through Stations”. TE(A)CH:  Teaching with Technology Workshop. St. Joseph’s Catholic School (5 schools represented). Pinole, CA. April 25, 2012.

18.       “21st Century Skills and the iPad”. TE(A)CH:  Teaching with Technology Workshop. St. Philip Neri School. Alameda, CA. May 2, 9, 16, 2012.

19.       “Multiliterate and Multimodal in the 21st Century. ”TE(A)CH:  Teaching with Technology Workshop, De La Salle High School, Concord, CA, September 7, 2012.

20.       TE(A)CH: “Teaching Science Fiction with Technology”, Asilomar Conference, Monterey, CA. September 28-30, 2012.

21.       “Dreaming Wide Open:  Digital Storytelling for Educators and Youth”. National Council of Teachers of English Workshop. November 19, 2012.


2005 – 2008


22.       “Hablando con Acentos”. AWP. February 3, 2008.

23.       “This is More Than Poetry: Literary Methods”. National Council of Teachers of English. New York City, NY. March 21, 2007.

24.       "A poet is not a jukebox" North Carolina Community College Adult Educators Conference. Atlantic Beach, NC. March 9, 2006.

25.       "Poetic Transcription as Research Method", University of North Carolina - School of Education. November 9, 2006.

26.       "A Poet is Not a Jukebox: Multicultural Approaches to High School Literacy Through Poetry". Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education (SCALE) Conference. October 25, 2005.

Event & Conference Leadership / Support



1.        Planner and Presenter. Educational Technology Workshops (5 planned, 3 presented). Daraja Academy. Nanyuki, Kenya. January 4-14, 2016.

2.        Facilitator. Critical [Community] Group. Saint Mary’s College of California. Museum of Art, Moraga, CA. March 16, 2016. April 29, 2016. February 16, 2016.

3.        Panelist. Printing the Forked Tongue: Bilingual Publishing After Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera. Associated Writers and Writing Programs Conference. Los Angeles. CA. March 31, 2016.

4.        Panelist. When I Was Latina: Navigating Privilege in the Publishing and Writing World. Associated Writers and Writing Programs Conference. Los Angeles. CA. April 1, 2016.

5.        Invited participant. Writers and Writing Programs Conference. Los Angeles. CA. April 2, 2016.

6.        Founder, curator, and host. Cleave:  Bay Area Women Writers series. Octopus Literary Salon. April 15, 2016.

7.        Invited participant. CantoMundo Latin@poets Poetry Workshop. University of Texas. Austin. July 21-24, 2016.

8.        Panelist. CantoMundo. LatinX Publishing. University of Texas. Austin. July 22, 2016.

9.        Founder, curator, and Host. Hamacas Reading. Berkeley, CA August 14, 2016.




10.       Lecturer. Teaching of Poetry. Dr. Rick Ayers, English Curriculum and Instruction. University of San Francisco. February 3, 2015.

11.       Facilitator. Discussion on Blindspot:  Hidden Biases of Good People. Critical Friends Group. Saint Mary’s College of California. February 22, 2015.

12.       Facilitator. Discussion on Citizen:  An American Lyric. Critical Friends Group. Saint Mary’s College of California, Moraga, CA. March 18, 2015.

13.       Facilitator. Technology Special Interest Group discussion. California Council on Teacher Education. San Jose, CA. March 19-22, 2015.

14.       Panelist. “Race, History, and the Body:  Social Acts of Writing”. Associated Writing Programs Conference. Minneapolis, MN. April 8-15, 2015.

15.       Professional development with teachers about educational technology and workshops on poetry with young women students and teachers at Daraja Academy. Kenya. June 22-July 6, 2015.

16.       Latin@poets Poetry Workshop. CantoMundo. University of Texas, Austin. July 16-19, 2015.

17.       Lecturer and Presenter. Poetry Art and Craft and Readings. The Athenian School, Danville, CA. November 9, 2015.

18.       Invited Speaker. Berkeley City College poetry students. Professor Sharon Coleman. Berkeley City College. Berkeley, CA. November 10, 2015.




19.       “Critical Race Theory and the Cultivation, Mentorship, and Retention of Black Faculty”, Raina J. León and Norma D. Thomas. American Educational Research Association. April 4, 2014.

20.       Speaker. Author Talk. Colorado State University. June 2014.

21.       Co-chair and Curator. Digital Literacies Presentations. Technology Special Interest Group. California Council on Teacher Education. San Diego, CA. October 24, 2014.

22.       Panelist. “Carolina African American Writers Collective:  History, Present and Future”. Furious Flower Conference. James Madison University. Harrisonburg, VA. September 26, 2014.

23.       Poetry workshop, reading and teacher observations. The Harker School. San Jose, CA. November 10, 2014.




24.       Chair. Oral Literacies and Common Core. Pacific Grove, CA. October 18-20, 2013

25.       Host. Latino/a Poetry Now, Letras Latinas and Poetry Society of America. University of Notre Dame. Chicago, IL. October 29-30, 2013.

26.       Mt. LaSalle Writers Retreat. Napa, CA. February 15-17, 2013.

27.       TE(A)CH: Teaching with Technology Professional Development Workshops. Salesian High School. Richmond, CA. February 20, 2013.

28.       Digital Storytelling Workshop. St. Mary’s College of California Wo/men’s Conference. Moraga, CA. March 9, 2013.

29.       Facilitator. Professional Development and Seminar. Westminster Seminar Retreat. Alamo, CA. March 8-10, 2013.

30.       CantoMundo. National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies Conference, San Antonio, TX. March 22-23, 2013.

31.       Participant. The Emancipation Proclamation Pre-Conference Program. AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, San Francisco, CA. April 26, 2013.

32.       Participant. Paulo Freire Pre-Conference Program. AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION. San Francisco, CA. April 26, 2013.


2006 - 2012

33.       Adolescent Literacy through Poetry, Holy Rosary School, Antioch, CA. March 28, 2012.

34.       Professional Development:  Multiliteracies All-Day PD, AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, Vancouver, CA. April 16, 2012.

35.       Facilitator. TE(A)CH: Teaching with Technology Professional Development Workshops. Salesian High School. Richmond, CA. October 17, 2012.

36.       Facilitator & Presenter. Curriculum Study Commission teaching of poetry workshop. Center for Environmental Literacy and River of Words. Asilomar Conference Center. Pacific Grove, CA. September 23-25, 2011.

37.       Diversity and Poetry Training leader, American Society on Aging workshop, Washington, DC. October 6, 2006.


21st Century Metamorphoses:  Towards a Transformational Pedagogy Using Educational Technology

The blog agenda for a Saturday Seminar Series 

Workshop at St. Mary’s College of California

April 6, 2013

St. Martin de Porres, College for a Day, March 20, 2013

An adaptation of the Digital Storytelling Workshops


Transformation through Digital Storytelling Workshop at SMC

Participants learn about the basics of digital storytelling as related to a previous presentation on fairytales and the challenges they create for women and men living in the real world.  


Digital Storytelling NCTE Meeting Proceedings 

Here secondary teachers learn about the inner workings of digital storytelling and its connection to multiliteracies, multimodal expression, and the Common Core.  


Critical Pedagogy Webquest

In this webquest, secondary teacher candidates explore critical pedagogy, including theory and practices.  


Multiliterate and Multimodal

This Prezi presentation was constructed to introduce SMC TE(A)CH: Teaching with Technology participants through an understanding of what it means to be multiliterate and multimodal in the 21st century.  Participants define terms, learn about 21st century skills, and then apply their knowledge to teaching practices, supported by educational technology.  

21st Century Skills, the iPad and the “Now Generation” 

In this Prezi presentation, participants focus in on 21st century skills and the support of their development in adolescents through the use of educational technology.   


Educational Technology Webquest

In this webquest, in service teachers explore educational technology, theories and subject specific applications.    


Rubrics for Pre-service Teacher Assignments

Block Unit Plan Rubric.docx

Observation Rubric Pilot.docx

Teacher Student Interview.docx

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